Individual Insurance


When Should You Consider Individual Health Insurance?

  • You want a cheaper alternative to COBRA, or you've exhausted your COBRA coverage
  • You're turning 65 and are eligible for Medicare and need a Medicare Supplement
  • You want to cover a short-term gap between jobs, in a waiting period, or after graduation
  • You have only limited eligibility as a widow or divorcee or child
  • You're retiring early and need to bridge the gap until Medicare
  • You are dropping coverage for dependents
  • Your dependent children have reached the maximum eligibility age or have graduated
  • You are a part-time or seasonal employee
  • Your current employer does not offer a health plan

Will My Premiums Be Higher?

In many cases, Individual Insurance can cost significantly less, especially for good risks. You can count on Linden Group to provide a range of affordable Individual Health plans.These new programs take the best benefits from your current plan, add innovative cost-saving measures, and can be customized to your needs and budget.

What Plans Does Linden Group Offer?

Our individual insurance programs run the gamut from viable COBRA alternatives to Medicare supplements, including:

Individual and Family Plans
A diverse selection of health insurance plans are available to fit a wide range of budgets. From PPO options to High-Deductible HSA-compatible plans.

Short Term/Temporary Plans
Ideal if you seek coverage for a time period of 6 months or less. Designed as gap coverage to address the needs of those between jobs, post-graduates, etc. 

Medicare Supplement & Medicare Rx Plans:
Medicare Supplement Insurance fills in the gaps for hospital and medical expenses Medicare does not pay, as well as Medicare approved prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Supplement/
Temp Policies
COBRA No Insurance
Cost Affordable Costly None
Coverage Duration As long as desired Limited to 18-36 months None
Carrier Quality Excellent Chosen by prior employer None
Coverage Options Flexible based on your needs and budget Restricted to prior employer plan No Coverage
Portability Fully portable Limited by time & location None
Underwriting Simple & quick application process* Guaranteed coverage for limited time None
Personal Well-being Security of quality coverage to protect self & family Covered for limited time until insurance is lost None

*Restrictions or limitations may apply based on pre-existing conditions

To find out more about which Individual Health Insurance option may best address your current situation, please contact your Linden Group Health Services representative today or call directly Linden Group's Individual Health Specialists, Patricia Favela at extension 6775 or Franklin Park at extension 6759.


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