Industry Niche

Our expertise in the unique needs of your industry provides valued guidance for your business & employees.

Non-For-Profit Organizations

As a non-for-profit organization, your efforts are placed in helping others.  Let us help you maximize the benefits you offer your employees to demonstrate how much you appreciate all their hard work and dedication to your mission.  At Linden Group, we excel in listening to your needs and crafting a unique solution to your problems.

Budgetary Restraints

Your dedicated Benefits Consultant will start the renewal process months in advance to identify the main obstacles to overcome each renewal.  This allows time to develop a game plan tailored to meet your needs.

Daily Support

Your dedicated Client Service Advisor is available to provide you the necessary support to handle billing problems, administrative issues, employee claim problems and provide training.  With the extra support from your Client Service Advisor, you are able to focus your efforts on other responsibilities besides benefit administration.

Employee Education

Educating your employees on the value of their benefit plans will allow them to feel empowered and appreciated.  You can benefit from on-site meetings or our on-demand communication methods. 

Legal Updates

Every employer group will be impacted differently as a result of the Affordable Care Act.  Your knowledgeable Benefits Consultant will sit down with you and provide you customize guidance and information regarding the effects of the Affordable Care Act. 


Types of organizations we service:

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